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The Inner Game of Taekwon-do

The «language» of Taekwon-do is foreign to me, in any connotation of the word. I don’t know the first thing about Korean, even though I over the years through two of my offsprings have been exposed to a fair share of yop cha jirugis, ap cha oligis, ap cha busigis and not to forget a

Is that all there is

I ask myself in the face of ignorance my own and others in the face of indifference passivity negativity hurt violence friends struggling with lifeeach other unlived lives unloved loves wasted opportunities   And then… Read…Is that all there is Dissilutionment Thomas Mann Nature Boy, Nat King Cole The Blind Side (film, feel good, fun,

Head wiggling

I am reading yet another book set in India. Even though it’s now “A major motion picture”, it is, in my opinion, not a particularly good book, content- , structure- or language wise. The story is quite superficial, the characters are difficult to identify with and the research not impressive.  Still, there is something about

Go Amish

One of the reasons I enjoy travelling, is getting away from all the clutter. Even though I am a minimalist at heart, in an active family of five, things tend to accumulate over the years. The fact that I have a “one thing in, one or more things out” policy, doesn’t seem to have any


A well-known TV series set in a hospital environment has for long been cherished by the two girls of the house. My own first encounter with the program happened accidentally one evening a couple of years ago when I dropped down in the sofa next to the girls (both then well into their teens) to

The Devil is in the Details

The little technicalities,  the tiny trivialities the unimportant bagatelle may joy and inspiration quell Unfriendly words  persistent nerds can make you frown may weigh you down A broken dish will make you mad a dead, old fish oh, my, so sad! No peace of mind is there to find; that you are bad  is not


My system, has asked for a time out For reasons quite manifold I certainly hope it’s a short bout Right now it is leaving me “cold” My writing, my love and my passion J Will have to be put on hold I hope you will wait with compassion For stories that long to be told


Today I had a plan. Or a to-do-list. I often make lists. Usually, just before I go to bed I jot down things that reealy need to be done and things I’d like to have accomplished, but don’t grow stale if they wait another day. More often than not, therefore, the list comprises things that