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Ups and Downs = Rock and Roll

Let’s get our act together Break free from every tether Be our own chief          Life is so brief Let’s take a bow For here and now And make the most Of every toast Ignore some rules Behave like fools Smile like a loon Under the moon Dare take a chance Create our “dance” Climb up

Still My World

At times I wish you could wrap me in your arms hold me  close not letting go Willing my world to stop spinning Time to stop passing… Read Still My World

Is that all there is

I ask myself in the face of ignorance my own and others in the face of indifference passivity negativity hurt violence friends struggling with lifeeach other unlived lives unloved loves wasted opportunities   And then… Read…Is that all there is Dissilutionment Thomas Mann Nature Boy, Nat King Cole The Blind Side (film, feel good, fun,

UpsideDown /To my Friends

What is up, and what is down Who’s the “smartie”, who’s the clown Who is wrong, and what is right What’s my song, and who’s my light I’m confused, my brain abused The world so packed, my mind feels whacked Time flies so fast,the days ahead are soon the past; right by us sped. We need to hold on to what’s good We must

Between the lines, there is a land Of anarchy and contraband Where words are free to roam the text And no one knows what they’ll mean next It is a land of hope and dreams Where nothing is quite what it seems An innocent remark may well Into a potent statement swell A text is