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Ups and Downs = Rock and Roll

08 Jun
June 8, 2012

if there are no ups and downs in your lifeLet’s get our act together

Break free from every tether
Be our own chief         
Life is so brief
Let’s take a bow
For here and now
And make the most
Of every toast

Ignore some rules
Behave like fools
Smile like a loon
Under the moon
Dare take a chance
Create our “dance”
Climb up a tree
feel we are free…

Still My World

13 May
May 13, 2012

At times
I wish
you could wrap me
in your arms
hold me  close
not letting go
my world
to stop spinning
to stop passing…

Read Still My World

Is that all there is

15 Apr
April 15, 2012

I ask myself
in the face
of ignorance
my own and others
in the face of
friends struggling
with life
each other
unlived lives
unloved loves
wasted opportunities
And then…

The Blind Side (film, feel good, fun, inspiring, well acted)                                                             

UpsideDown /To my Friends

22 Mar
March 22, 2012
What is up, and what is down
Who’s the “smartie”, who’s the clown
Who is wrong, and what is right
What’s my song, and who’s my light
I’m confused, my brain abused
The world so packedmy mind feels whacked
Time flies so fast,the days ahead
are soon the past; right by us sped.

We need to hold on to what’s good

We must be boldremove our hood;
Find our own questand never rest
but do our best, to pass the “test”

And still take time for the sublime
Find peace and calm amidst all qualm
Here you come in, my friend, my mate
You help me “spin”, to meet my fate
In your advice, there is no vice
idea and thought, with love is fraught
You lift me up, when I am blue
You fill my cup, with ev’ry hue,
enrich my days, my mind expand
In thousand ways you hold my hand
With you I can both laugh and cry
With you I plan to live and die!:-)


09 Feb
February 9, 2012

Between the lines, there is a land
Of anarchy and contraband
Where words are free to roam the text
And no one knows what they’ll mean next

It is a land of hope and dreams
Where nothing is quite what it seems
An innocent remark may well
Into a potent statement swell

A text is not a text per se
The words between the lines may say:
We will not by your rules obey
Our connotations sure will sway

from side to side, from east to west
You never should lay back and rest
But be alert, enjoy the ride
And see what in the script may hide

You are allowed to take a peek
It is a bit like hide and seek
For even as you write the lines
they twist and turn like thrifty wines

into a message loud and clear
that even you knew not were there
It is of implications fraught
The words their own true meaning sought

So be aware which words you use
They may each one become a fuse
That will ignite a fiery flame
Recasting players, board and game