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Tiring Business

Tiring Business

“Mum, where are my winter tires..?” Suffering from the mission-impossible-never-ending-Sisyphus-like position of logistic manager around here, my brain snapped into full alert.  The snow had been coming down in thick layers the past few days, with no regard to economic or social standing, democratically covering everything with its brand new infinite-shades-of-white coat. The roads were no

Trying Cabinet

Coming home from vacation is always nice. I love again having round the clock access to my own refrigerator, filled with what I personally have picked out and purchased. Although opening it immediately upon arriving home occasionally has some interesting aspects to it as you discover that your fridge in your absence has breeded some

Out of Gas

We did get a little suspicious the other day when the heating system suddenly came to a standstill.  And when the hot water abandoned us, we understood that something was amiss. Or rather empty. Our hosts had meticulously written down instructions for how to act in such a situation, so I picked up the phone

The Blue Screen of Death

Windows NT crashed The Blue Screen of DeathNo one hears your screams My old Pc is past its prime, to put it mildly. I have gotten used to the missing plastic left hand corner of the case, and the long crack on the same side looks  like it’s always been there. But now the functionality

The Ebikon Challenge

In our house there is, among other things, a lot of cutting, hacking, churning, grinding, milling, crushing, mashing and beating going on. (Just to set your mind at rest, this is mainly referring to cooking…). So when I learned about a versatile kitchen machine actually performing all of these tasks, I, or rather the machine,