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Publishing Success

27 Mar
March 27, 2014


Show me a writer who doesn’t want publishing success, and I will eat both her and my laptop.  3 things to set you on the path to publishing success started me considering more thoroughly  why the wish to be published is both important and legitimate. I realized that there are multifarious (where has that word been all my life?!) reasons why I want to succeed as a writer.

I want to be read

One of them is that I want to be read. I write not as a way of self- healing- help- or therapy, although I undoubtedly could have benefited from that too… On the contrary I have grown increasingly fond of my acquired insanity and imperfections, and actually believe that they are a valuable part of who I am. Besides, there are so many other subjects I’d rather focus on. Themes that are relevant to a wider circle than my immediate self and the voices in my head.  Read more →

Indian Soap Opera

15 Feb
February 15, 2014

Or: 79 steps to clean clothes or:Bum scratching man and his disgusted missus

In India, 53.3 % of the households sport a mobile phone, less than 20 % own a washer and only 11.9 % have access to a toilet connected to a sewage system. Clean tap water is not an Indian authority priority and consequently the cause of constant laundry and other logistic challenges.

Always on my mind... water

Always on my mind… water

And to add to the fun: In Tamil Nadu, current is a commodity about as reliable as desert rain and predictable as a 5-year-old on speed.  Read more →

Travelling Light

21 Dec
December 21, 2013

I don’t think I’ll ever become a light traveller. Believe me, I’ve tried: I limit shoes and clothes to a minimum and I have a PhD in finding travel sized items: toothbrush, shampoo, lotion, flash light, towel, computer, you name it. I even remove all unnecessary packaging, and apart from my guide books, all my reading is digital.

In spite of my efforts, however, my suitcase invariably (and mysteriously) ends up weighing in at the maximum permissible – or more – and brings desperation to the faces of the poor unknowing souls who offer to shift the slightly built, but heavily luggaged lady’s case for her. Read more →

All About Attitude

10 May
May 10, 2013

Standing on the side of the road, knee deep in muddy soil, amidst patches of snow and ice, she takes a load of shit.  Most people don’t even see her, and if they do, pay her no attention as they hasten by. Unwittingly spraying her with their murky waters. Unknowingly missing out on her magic personality. Read more →

Shit Shake

10 May
May 10, 2013
Before Shit Shake

Before Shit Shake

A Shit Shake is a shake to shake shit off. It may be used in all kinds of situations, with all kinds of shit. Shit Shaking has the advantage of relieving you of the shit something or someone has imposed on you, in the process reawakening and strengthening all the happy muscles in your system. A Shit Shake has no set steps or moves. The wilder and crazier a Shit Shake is, the better. Preferably, all body parts should be involved, simultaneously or in turn.

After Shit Shake

After Shit Shake

Shit Shaking may, if no other option is available, also be done with a hand or even one finger. Shit Shaking may be carried out with or without music. The main thing is the intent; determinedly and efficiently ridding oneself, or somebody else, of shit.

Ski Bum (dumb) in Åre

10 Feb
February 10, 2013

Shooting uncontrollably down the escarpment, head first, like a human snow plough, I wondered like Creep by Radiohead: “What the hell am I doing here!”  In what felt like a terribly long and much too fulfilling life time, I managed to shift my limbs into a spread eagle position. Painfully using my hands and ski boots as breaks, I was able to slow down and eventually stall my descent.

My face was so numb, I actually wondered if it had rubbed off and was now lingering somewhere further uphill, looking into space, pondering upon life, the universe and everything.

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Morning has broken

27 Jan
January 27, 2013

Morning has broken, and what a daybreak. After a long drive in the dark the previous night, I went out like a light in the comfortable cabin’s loft and slept like one of the logs neatly piled up next to the downstairs fireplace.

Sun rays now dance on my ice flower decorated window, inviting me out to play. I get out of bed, look out and realize that nature has a big do on, and if I don’t get a move on, I am going to miss the ball: The performance is rather short these days; the stage light is only working part time, putting more hours and lots more ampere in on the opposite side of the globe.

But what a glorious performance… Read more →

Taekwon-do Chaos Theory

11 Oct
October 11, 2012

It started and ended in chaos. On the first day of the competitions, queuing up outside Brighton Centre half an hour before The Taekwon-do Worldcup 2012 was about to commence, I wondered where it would all end, or rather, when would it all begin? Just a trickle of people was able to get through the door, not more than a crack in the wall that had been opened a little earlier. Most contestants, along with coaches, supporters and spectators were still waiting, shifting restlessly from one foot to the other, checking the time on their iPhone or ditto device, moving forward at an agonizingly slow pace. The tingling anticipation and the camaraderie worked their wonders, though, and one by one everybody seemed to succumb to the situation, enjoying themselves, each other and the beautiful day.

All of a sudden, as by divine intervention, several large doors swung open. Read more →

Of a Sound Mind

17 Jun
June 17, 2012
So, now it’s official: She is off her hinges, irrevocably deranged, mentally unsound. Bu that’s where you are so wrong. Crazy, yes, can’t run away from that one, but unsound, no. I am so full of sound, saturated with it so to speak, that I wouldn’t have believed it possible if I hadn’t actually been there…

…lying on a monochord, for about twenty minutes actually being an integrated part of an instrument with fifty strings attached lengthwise beneath a wooden resonance chamber. On the floor are metal bowls of different sizes, along with a couple of padded mallets. I close my eyes, and softly, ever so softly the Sound Therapist or, as he prefers to describe himself, the Listener, squatting on the floor, start plucking the strings, occasionally gently striking a singing bowl. The sensation is vaguely strange, unfamiliar, but pleasant.

The sounds come and go in waves, swelling, decreasing; one minute subtle, creating the most miniscule sensations within me, the next forceful, heavy tones reverberate through my body and the rest of the room.

The vibrations swirl through me, my cells now resonating with the instrument. I find myself relaxing, my mind drifting. It feels as if the composition of atoms that is me, disintegrates; every particle lifting off, like a flock of butterflies off a bush. They linger for a while, float in synchronized unison about the room, and then, as on a cue, sweep out through the open window…

Read more… Of a Sound Mind

The Inner Game of Taekwon-do

24 Apr
April 24, 2012

The «language» of Taekwon-do is foreign to me, in any connotation of the word. I don’t know the first thing about Korean, even though I over the years through two of my offsprings have been exposed to a fair share of yop cha jirugis, ap cha oligis, ap cha busigis and not to forget a whole bunch of momchau makgis. Fortunately, all merely in a literary sense.  When it comes to the inner language; the history and background, the hows and whens and dos and don’ts, I am but an infant; interested, but still only vaguely aware of the contours of an unknown world.

The little I have gleaned has revealed an organization with strong emphasis on respect for authorities, i.e. anyone superior in “rank”, and reverence for the sport and its origin. “Standing” is signified by an easily deciphered dress code, at a glance identifiable for The Initiated, rendering it simple to do the right thing, e.g. bow in the right direction, at the right time to the right person.
The sense of respect so thoroughly permeates the atmosphere that even I on occasion have instinctively inclined my head along with everybody else, instantly afterwards shaking my head, wondering what the heck I’m doing.
The high ranked coaches are in TKd contexts confident, solemn, serious and strictly business looking. That, together with their physically fit stature, intuitively convinces you that these are people you want to stay on good terms with. Even though I have been informed time and again by “insiders” as to the human qualities of the above mentioned, I have always played it safe, staying at an arm’s length plus a little more, away from the in-attitude-Samurai-lookalikes.  All the greater was my surprise…   Read The Inner Game of Taekwon-do