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One might think that six down-to-sea, unkempt men on a balsa raft, alone on the same open body of water for 101 consecutive days, could be no match for e.g. spaceships in intergalactic battles when it comes to action filled entertainment. On the surface there might not be too much going on, but down below,

50/50 The Must See Movie

If I’d known which movie we were about to watch, I would have run screaming and kicking in the opposite direction of my friend’s house. Illness, hospitals and the likes are things I, if I have the choice, shun like the plague… I don’t know if it’s because I’m a coward or due to the fact that

The Tree of Life

When I first saw mentions of The Tree of Life, I got a strong feeling that I had to see it. Something about the few little snippets I came across appealed to me and urged me to see the movie. Before I had the chance, though, I had only spoken to two people who had