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21 Oct
October 21, 2012

One might think that six down-to-sea, unkempt men on a balsa raft, alone on the same open body of water for 101 consecutive days, could be no match for e.g. spaceships in intergalactic battles when it comes to action filled entertainment.

On the surface there might not be too much going on, but down below, both in the sea and the minds of the men, the movie Kon-Tiki is packed with visual and “special” effects. Numeral encounters and occasional clashes with amazing wildlife are as spectacular as they are convincing. Depicting drama and conflict between man and beast and amongst the men themselves.

The story might well have justified oversized words, but the moviemakers don’t fall into that trap. Instead, the script is low key, simple, but with a simultaneously heartwarming and harsh humor, often revealing the strain the men were under, individually and as a team. Read more →

50/50 The Must See Movie

07 May
May 7, 2012

50/50 PosterIf I’d known which movie we were about to watch, I would have run screaming and kicking in the opposite direction of my friend’s house. Illness, hospitals and the likes are things I, if I have the choice, shun like the plague… I don’t know if it’s because I’m a coward or due to the fact that I’ve had a little too much experience in the field. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. 
And I have been to hospitals, blessing their existence, hundreds of times (no kidding, we have veery active kids, whose doings at times have necessitated frequenting the local hospital so often that we, as parents, were afraid of being imprisoned, suspected for I don’t know what), bringing or visiting family members, friends, collegues, students… But voluntarily sitting down to 100 minutes of malady, evolving around a guy getting his cancer diagnosis and his subsequent fight to deal with and conquer it, is something I simply DON’T DO.
Usually. But my good friend, whose house I was at, together with other people, had with usual care and skill (she has great taste in books and films) chosen this particular movie. So who was I, to refuse watching it. I braced myself and sat, or rather lay, down in one corner of their very comfortable sofa, in front of their very 50″ plasma TV, with its very B & W surround sound system. Between me and the screen was a beautifully laid table with crackers, a great selection of cheeses, fruits, tea, wine… Chances were I would survive the evening.
But I did not. I did not survive the evening…  Read 50/50 The Movie with link to trailer.

The Tree of Life

25 Sep
September 25, 2011
When I first saw mentions of The Tree of Life, I got a strong feeling that I had to see it. Something about the few little snippets I came across appealed to me and urged me to see the movie. Before I had the chance, though, I had only spoken to two people who had actually seen the movie.
One hated it, and told me that some people had even left the movie theatre during screening. (The film, featuring Brad Pit and Sean Penn and as of yet less known actor Jessica Chastain, may have prompted an expectation of a typical American feel good film). Another loved it, and promised me, if I liked it, several recommendations of movies by the same director.
The movie, directed by Terrence Malick, was several years in the coming, which is not difficult to understand, watching and experiencing the movie.
The concept of non-linear narrative is unusual, but never confusing; the voice/monologue of the main character gracefully binds it all together. Neither was the scarce dialogue disturbing, due to Malick’s skilful directing and the actors’ performances.
The amazing filming, the depicting of the actual awesomeness of the world around us, is beautifully done, leaving you in doubt of where natural phenomena end and animation begins.
The result is a beautiful, poetic piece of art, telling a story of life, death, love, faith, loss, grief, innocence and loss of same, conflict goodness-selfishness, hope, perseverance, reconciliation and much more.
All set against a backdrop of the birth and death of the universe(s), and everything in between, besides, above and after.
Even though this is not a feel-good-film per se, it left me, somewhat surprisingly, with a strange peace of mind.
To see how it will leave you, you’ll have to go see for yourself…
I for one, in addition to already having browsed the net for more movies by the same director, will go back to my positively inclined source for more recommendations:-)