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21 Oct
October 21, 2012

One might think that six down-to-sea, unkempt men on a balsa raft, alone on the same open body of water for 101 consecutive days, could be no match for e.g. spaceships in intergalactic battles when it comes to action filled entertainment.

On the surface there might not be too much going on, but down below, both in the sea and the minds of the men, the movie Kon-Tiki is packed with visual and “special” effects. Numeral encounters and occasional clashes with amazing wildlife are as spectacular as they are convincing. Depicting drama and conflict between man and beast and amongst the men themselves.

The story might well have justified oversized words, but the moviemakers don’t fall into that trap. Instead, the script is low key, simple, but with a simultaneously heartwarming and harsh humor, often revealing the strain the men were under, individually and as a team. Read more →