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The Calm after the Storm

We live in a country with few large scale natural disasters. No typhoons or cyclones,  no  volcano eruptions threatening to wipe out entire cities, no earthquakes to speak of (in front of Californians, Japanese or others living on top of faults between constantly shifting tectonic plates) and no heath waves in the real, southerly sense

Off guard

Sometimes, in the middle of going about what you thought was  your business, your life…,  you are caught unawares, by surprise… by events, by people, by  plain old destiny, or, if it turns out to be a positive thing, by what I like to look upon as synchronisms. In rare cases these occurrences may be life

A way with words

«Dysfunctional!», the therapist said, as I lay on the couch. He continued: “Your Scaleni is dysfunctional, the same is Elevator Scapula, Trapezius…” I stopped him short and said: “my muscles are not dysfunctional, they are just a little bit “off”! “Yea, yea”, he said, not quite catching the gist of what I was saying, we’d

India inspiration

It suddenly dawned on me, that what inspired me to write my previous blog was listening to beautiful music on an elaborate and partly self built “music machine” at a friend’s house last night. Closing my eyes, floating on the musical clouds, scenes of the movie Aakarshan that I had watched earlier in the day,

Do you speak Hindi?

”Do you speak Hindi?”, the guy next to me in the cinema smilingly asked, with the more often than not impeccable English Indians speak, albeit with a charming, but distinct accent. Having decided to see the movie Aarakshan on the grounds of hopefully learning a tad more about the to me incongruent piece of geography


Do you count yourself among those people who very rarely get upset, who are not easily moved or rocked? Well stop reading, and go play with the other robots! Even though, as mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully “grown up” (I don’t drink coffee, I don’t have all, if


Conversations, heart to heart, can make wonders Shared thoughts; an insight sought and found You don’t have to act upon your dreams, thoughts and desires But you must reflect upon your musings If you stop thinking, talking, You’ll start sinking, balking Till existing  becomes an excuse  For living! 

Election Time

Are you an abstainer? Er du en sofavelger?   Get off the coach! Sorry, English speaking friends. The video below may be difficult to understand for non-Scandinavians…, but the message is this: Whenever there is an election, in your country, your state, your municipality: VOTE! Or forever hold your tongue… Be sure to watch the


Fortunately, I not only have generous people in my life (see yesterday’s blog), but also people who keep me in check when I, occasionally:-), go a little overboard… …may be what I was talking about yesterday was angels. And not many people feel they can live up to that standard. (If they do, they should


Generosity One of the traits of character I appreciate most in others is generosity. Some people have an amazing ability to support and lift you. They meet your thoughts and ideas with an open mind, and when criticise do it constructively, affectionately and with respect. They spur you on, challenge you to step out of