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Publishing Success

27 Mar
March 27, 2014


Show me a writer who doesn’t want publishing success, and I will eat both her and my laptop.  3 things to set you on the path to publishing success started me considering more thoroughly  why the wish to be published is both important and legitimate. I realized that there are multifarious (where has that word been all my life?!) reasons why I want to succeed as a writer.

I want to be read

One of them is that I want to be read. I write not as a way of self- healing- help- or therapy, although I undoubtedly could have benefited from that too… On the contrary I have grown increasingly fond of my acquired insanity and imperfections, and actually believe that they are a valuable part of who I am. Besides, there are so many other subjects I’d rather focus on. Themes that are relevant to a wider circle than my immediate self and the voices in my head.  Read more →

Indian Soap Opera

15 Feb
February 15, 2014

Or: 79 steps to clean clothes or:Bum scratching man and his disgusted missus

In India, 53.3 % of the households sport a mobile phone, less than 20 % own a washer and only 11.9 % have access to a toilet connected to a sewage system. Clean tap water is not an Indian authority priority and consequently the cause of constant laundry and other logistic challenges.

Always on my mind... water

Always on my mind… water

And to add to the fun: In Tamil Nadu, current is a commodity about as reliable as desert rain and predictable as a 5-year-old on speed.  Read more →

Travelling Light

21 Dec
December 21, 2013

I don’t think I’ll ever become a light traveller. Believe me, I’ve tried: I limit shoes and clothes to a minimum and I have a PhD in finding travel sized items: toothbrush, shampoo, lotion, flash light, towel, computer, you name it. I even remove all unnecessary packaging, and apart from my guide books, all my reading is digital.

In spite of my efforts, however, my suitcase invariably (and mysteriously) ends up weighing in at the maximum permissible – or more – and brings desperation to the faces of the poor unknowing souls who offer to shift the slightly built, but heavily luggaged lady’s case for her. Read more →

Fall in love with Autumn

24 Sep
September 24, 2012

It is raining cats and dogs, and a whole lot of other animals.  I have donned the local national costume, a waterproof windbreaker and ditto gore-tex- coordinated pants and boots, and am not in the least bothered by the zoology falling from the sky.

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Shut Up & Play

29 Aug
August 29, 2012

Sweat is in the air… everywhere I look around, sweat is in the air… perspiration stains abound!

 Tension is building, intensifying and expanding towards and beyond the nonexistent ceiling and walls of the outdoor basketball court in downtown Trondheim this beautiful late summer’s day.


The older, heavier and nearbodybuildemuscular players are not only sweating, but also showing bloody and rainbowcolored  signs of close encounters of the 1. degree: Burns acquired when hitting the steaming asphalt, rifts obtained by slamming into the metal mesh fence, bruises gained in powerful rendezvous of heads when two persons jump as high as they can, sometimes even higher… One in an effort to dunk the ball into the impatiently awaiting hoop, the other determined to prevent the first from doing just that.

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Multitasking, lets beat it!

01 Jul
July 1, 2012
Happy Orange
If having breakfast, answering the call of nature, breastfeeding, washing the floor, taking a shower, baking bread, acting as diplomat and referee between siblings, planning and cooking dinner, counseling over the phone and jogging, all (well, not far from it) at the same time isn’t a dire case of multitasking, I don’t know what is.

That was years ago, it’s not at all like that now. For one thing I have stopped breastfeeding as the youngest one is now seventeen and hasn’t really been in to it for some time. As for the other stuff, some of it is still on the agenda, along with a lot of other things. However, due to the arrival of and increasing dependence on electronic work- and communication devices, I have taken the art of multitasking to a whole new level of exhausting, wuthering heights!
Happy Feet with Orange

For someone who practices yoga and meditation in a (so far futile) effort to obtain inner tranquility, it is amazing to what incredibly stupid lengths I can go in order to squeeze as many activities as possible into one day. Even though research shows that multitasking makes you more stressed and less efficient, l continue to preach water (mindful thinking and living) and drink wine (measure my own value as a human being in terms of my accomplishments).

The other day, though, I had a wakeup call.
It hadn’t exactly been a bad day. I mean I had not been run over by a car, I hadn’t fallen head first down any flight of stairs, I hadn’t been mugged, the house hadn’t burned down, none of the kids had been arrested…

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An All Time High

26 Jun
June 26, 2012

The snow is deeper
The climb steeper
Than you ever foresaw
And making it
To the peak
Or anywhere near
Is no matter of course
And then
Out of the blue…

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