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One of the reasons I enjoy travelling, is getting away from all the clutter. Even though I am a minimalist at heart, in an active family of five, things tend to accumulate over the years. The fact that I have a “one thing in, one or more things out” policy, doesn’t seem to have any effect on the situation at hand.

Some of us hang on to stuff because it one day may come in handy, if nothing else as an outdated rarity in a curiosity collection.

Others have yet to discover the practicality of drawers and cabinets and like to have their stuff scattered about them. Thus believing their belongings easily accessible, but instead hopelessly irretrievable in the frantic moment when a certain object is a matter of life and death, at least judging from the frenzied behavior of the persons in question.

Admittedly, I am not without blame, having several weak points of my own. Holding on to, and acquiring things I know I can, but do not want to live without…

Not even on vacation; Again, in principle, I am a light traveler, but the scale in the Baggage Drop repeatedly proves me wrong; I can actually almost swear I on several occasions have heard it moaning when I’ve heaved my suitcase on top of its already heavily tried “belly”…
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