The Ebikon Challenge

In our house there is, among other things, a lot of cutting, hacking, churning, grinding, milling, crushing, mashing and beating going on. (Just to set your mind at rest, this is mainly referring to cooking…). So when I learned about a versatile kitchen machine actually performing all of these tasks, I, or rather the machine, was sold. The only obstacle was the price, but as I was soon going to Zürich on other business, I did a tiny bit of research and found that buying the “baby” in Switzerland would save me, while at the same time literally providing me with, quite a bit of “dough”. Still, to justify such a purchase, I would have to renounce at least a couple of years of Christmas and birthday presents. That would not represent a problem, though, as my live in partner was thrilled to have that load (thinking up presents for me) off his mind for a long time…

If you want to read more about a crazy, tiring, but fun day, follow this link:

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