Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros (The boiling pots) and El Golfo are in many ways opposites. Just a couple of kilometers separate them, they are both the result of havoc created by volcanic activity, and yet the two are in stark contrast to each other. Where the latter is a symphony in colors and hues, Los Hervideros is, disregarding the water for a second, a monochromatic phenomenon, confined within a restricted spectrum of blacks and browns. El Golfo, despite its turbulent origin, comes across as a haven of peaceful harmony, the elements having agreed upon a seize fire of indefinite duration, benefitting themselves and the visitor enjoying its tranquility and beauty.
In Los Hervideros there is no sign of imminent truce between the restless waters and the immobile rocks. Watching the water’s work upon the rocks conjures up an image of determined resilience on the part of the cliffs, steadfastly, but not successfully, trying to withstand the constant attacks of the sea. The lava is now motionless, rendered helpless in its coagulated form, stopped dead in its tracks when the molten, fluid plasma from the bowels of the earth met its destiny and conqueror in form of the cool oceans. It is dead, but it won’t lie down, at least not voluntarily, and only little by little…

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