Island Jumping Åfjord, Norway


You don’t have to go to Greece orThailand to indulge in what is referred to as island jumping. Even though the water may not be as warm, the sand not as fine, the palms non existing, amazing experiences await you many places here inNorway. Last weekend I went with a friend to the municipality of Åfjord, 2 hours northwest ofTrondheim, where a brand new cultural heritage “tinted” biking trail is laid out, covering parts of the mainland and two beautiful islands, Stokkøya and Linesøya.
 The trail takes you through beautiful landscapes, and features pointers to traces of prehistoric and historic life from different periods. Stone age cave dwellings, tools and ornamental finds, and quays, trading places, peat digging and other cultivated landscape sites of more recent times, are only some of what you get to see. All the while comfortably biking and, if you like, hiking, through a beautiful and varied landscape, sporting fjord and sea, rolling hills, mountains, lakes, caves and a similarly diverse flora and fauna.
 The trail can be covered in on, two or more days, depending on how much time you have/want to spend, and how many things you want to experience. If you choose to stay overnight, you have the choice between roughing it, tenting, sleeping under the stars (a little weather dependent) or doing it in style, by for instance lodging in the newly, and beautifully constructed Sub-houses (built partly below the turf) at Stokkøya Sjøsenter.
 If you’re a local, i.e. living in theTrondheim area, a life time experience is only a short drive away. If you come from out of town or from abroad, I’ll be happy to either take you there or show you the way. For a more elaborate description of the trail and our trip, click               

 If you don’t read Norwegian/Scandinavian, you may still enjoy the photos:-)



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