Calpe Rock

One step at a time, easy does it. I set one foot in front of the other. Easing myself along the path, in some places providing barely enough space for one foot, in between or on top of smooth and slippery lime stones. Polished by the elements and all the feet having trod here before me. The quality of the path was not much worse than many others I had hiked, where a clumsy or false step, means a moment’s imbalance, before regaining your footing.

Here, though, such a move could very likely result in a mind- and body blowing once in a life time experience… as there was no foothold, nor handhold for that matter, to be had on the one side of me. I was very intent on not looking in that direction, but was very well aware of the sheer drop into the sea below me. I tried to control my pulse and my breathing, just staying in the here and now of each and every step, frequently using my hands on the rocks above me to steady and heave myself up.  Trying to keep grounded both mentally and physically. I felt confident that if I were able to stay in this mindset, and the going didn’t get much tougher, I would make it to the top. I had no idea, however, of how I would get down…

to find out if I ever made it down (guess!:-)…, follow the link below:

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