Bareclona in October 2

Montejuïc, 213 m high hill, on the south side of the city. Spangled with buildings and constructions erected to impress, for the 1929 World Exhibit and the 1992 Olympics respectively. With an infrastructure, both elaborate and confusing. For walking somewhat lacking in directions; a maze of small pathways among groves of orange and almond trees, laurels, mimosa, cypresses, pines…

After indulging in a museum saturated morning, the Barcelonetta beach awaited. Almost void of tourists, but full of locals …, and vendors. Offering anything from Mojito to massages. We escaped into the salty, temperate sea, enjoying the water, the waves, the utter feeling of bliss that wallowing in the ocean in October brings to a northerner.

We still had room for more input , and ventured into the Museo d´Història de la Ciutat,  sporting the most extensive subterranean Roman ruins in the world, featuring streets, houses, temples, baths, sewage systems, work shops, wine making facilities… The only drawback being that the exit was not to be found, and no wine tasting, which by the end of a very hectic day we reaaaly needed, was provided. The latter was more serious than the former, as we could have done well without the exit, providing the wine was served in adequate (ample) quantities…

Rounded off with a Catalonian orgy of food and wine. Shared and exchanged stories of the day’s events.  Much laughter and subsequent dancing in the street, our enthusiasm for a moment even surpassing that of the lively Barcelonans, and gaining applause from the same. 
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