Barcelona in October 1

Sunny, pleasantly warm, still teaming with life. Just enough tourists to keep it «going». Refreshed, young guide, eminent, knowledgeable, and like most Catalanes; for historical and political reasons, hungry for independence, autonomy. Proud, but friendly, open, easygoing, at least towards us, nonspaniards as we definitely are. She takes us around Barro Gotti, old town, with “palaces”, tall, often slim buildings (less land to pay for…), tiny balconies draped with dripping laundry, house plants.., narrow streets and alleys, open places, cafés, tapas restaurants, churches. The Cathedral,Santa Maria del Mar, scene of the book by the same name, which I haven’t, but now must read, and Sagrada Familia; after sunset, floodlit, a sight to behold and remember. Stunning, impressive, beyond imagination, before you actually lay eyes on it. Product of a creative mind, and a city generous enough to allow the necessary space for the dream.

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