Trying Cabinet

Coming home from vacation is always nice. I love again having round the clock access to my own refrigerator, filled with what I personally have picked out and purchased. Although opening it immediately upon arriving home occasionally has some interesting aspects to it as you discover that your fridge in your absence has breeded some very interesting, often both hairy and a little bit scary, life forms.
The freedom to do what I please within my own four walls, without regard to others, is also something I cherish. Even though this is not a habit of mine, I enjoy being able to walk around naked until, when I feel like it, I put my clothes on. Of course, I only do this when our in all other respects very liberated teenagers are not around; When it comes to parents they are extremely prudish, among other things preferring to believe, and being adamant, that they, as babies, were delivered by the stork.
Walking around the garden, saying hello to plants and trees, picking up a fallen branch here, removing a dead leaf there, is always a source of contentment, a way of getting grounded,  realigning mind, body and space after one or several plane flights. I try not to focus on all the weeding and watering that needs to be done, which, of course, I only succeed with in the wintertime when the weeds, along with everything else, is covered in several feet of snow…
Weeding is not the only thing that catches up with you when the holidays are over, and soon, if you don’t watch out carefully, or come from outer space…, you are back on the good old treadmill. One of the things that needs a lot of attention after a journey, particularly in a family of five, is the laundry. Drying facilities are then of the utmost importance. Any housewife (excuse me guys, but if you have taken on the responsibility for this Sisyphean task that no one actually takes notice of or give you credit for, you are exceptions to the rule, and may God and your wife forgive you all your sins and grant you access to Heaven!) can imagine my consternation when I’d hung the first load in the drying cabinet, turned the switch and…
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