UpsideDown /To my Friends

What is up, and what is down
Who’s the “smartie”, who’s the clown
Who is wrong, and what is right
What’s my song, and who’s my light
I’m confused, my brain abused
The world so packedmy mind feels whacked
Time flies so fast,the days ahead
are soon the past; right by us sped.

We need to hold on to what’s good

We must be boldremove our hood;
Find our own questand never rest
but do our best, to pass the “test”

And still take time for the sublime
Find peace and calm amidst all qualm
Here you come in, my friend, my mate
You help me “spin”, to meet my fate
In your advice, there is no vice
idea and thought, with love is fraught
You lift me up, when I am blue
You fill my cup, with ev’ry hue,
enrich my days, my mind expand
In thousand ways you hold my hand
With you I can both laugh and cry
With you I plan to live and die!:-)


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