Peace on Earth, Peace of Mind, and an occasional Piece of Insanity

My system was craving, screaming, begging for endorphins, in as huge doses as possible! My mind was working overtime, making my heart pound, my breathing shallow and my head and body ache. I had a thousand things I needed to deal with, some of which I had no idea even how to begin tackling.
But how to get my shot of endogenous morphine? It was the middle of the week (mind you, I am keeping myself on a strict regime), it was 9.30 in the morning (you don’t need a strict regime not to start your day with alcohol), so a glass of red wine or two was out of the question. Raiding a pharmacy was not an option, and all other ways of obtaining what I wanted were either illegal or immoral, so I settled for what almost invariably works for me: A workout, on this particular occasion, a swim-in.
There was not a second to lose…
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