Goals and Birds of a Feather

Goal is a word having an almost unlimited range when it comes to scope, and an equally limitless diversity when contents are concerned: For a depressed person a goal may be getting out of bed in the morning, forcing down a piece of bread and setting one foot in front of the other in order to reach the mailbox twenty meters down the driveway. For an experienced and fit mountaineer the peak partly hidden way up in the clouds is the target of the day. For a contortionist, fitting into a medium size hat box may seem a feasible achievement, and for a lion tamer simply not being eaten is a pretty sensible goal for any day.
Our lives are immensely diverse in many ways; we have different jobs, backgrounds, experiences and roles. Furthermore, what happens to us, what we seek out, what we look for along the way varies a lot; while some are adventure seekers, going out of their way to explore new territory in all aspects of life, others are satisfied spending most of their time within their mental and physical comfort zone. Some unfortunate souls tend to be especially attractive to falling bricks and shattering earthquakes, others are seemingly invariably showered with rose petals, gentle spring rain and lottery wins…  Read Goals and Birds of a Feather
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