Fortunately, I not only have generous people in my life (see yesterday’s blog), but also people who keep me in check when I, occasionally:-), go a little overboard…
…may be what I was talking about yesterday was angels. And not many people feel they can live up to that standard. (If they do, they should probably have their head examined!) Because, let’s face it, is there really such a phenomena as altruism? A mindset in which one only thinks beautiful, pure and selfless thoughts, always having other people’s happiness in mind? Is the wish for “peace and goodwill to all” an intrinsic, indelible part of humans? I don’t know. The jury is still out, and has been for centuries (poor chaps). God only knows the motives one has for doing and saying the things we do. And God only (thank goodness) knows what goes on in people’s minds.
Me for one, often have problems figuring out what goes on in my own head, so just beginning to guess into the mind of others is daring and risky business!
 But the point is this, and this is irrefutable (I hope!): No matter what thoughts we may have in our heads, it is what eventually comes out  that matters to other people. The thoughts are there. We fight them and surrender, invite them and corrupt them, split them and grind them, crunch them and mix them, blend them and kneed them, and then, if you are dealing with generous people, what comes out, in deed, speech or writing is this:
A beautiful gift, a delightful little package, stuffed with what we need at that precise moment: support, courage, comfort, affection, compassion, love, encouragement, challenges, constructive criticism, you need it, you name it!
And that is what being a generous person is about. Which is good in many respects, because, not being angels, it gives people some slack; Failing and stumbling are parts of being human, even the generous ones among us:-)
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