Impulsive Skiing

Having just settled down to work I heard an sms tick in. A good friend of mine, and tour pal, suggested skiing, and I did not put up much resistance. It was a beautiful day with clear, blue skies and a kindly sun, in spite of all the snow, definitely inclined towards springtime. The dog did need its walk, as did I, so work would have to be put on hold, ski heaven was waiting. 
We did not have a specific goal for our tour, but set out, walking and talking companionably, as we often do, about everything under the sun. After a while we got up on a plateau and looked over to a hill with a ski lift, the slopes teaming with skiers. I got all excited as these were slopes I frequented for many years in my youth, and burst out: “Look, the lift is open, how fun!”. My friend looked at me, and replied jokingly: “Well, why don’t we have a go!”. “Great idea!”, I said, not getting the joke at all, and set off down the knoll on which we were standing, towards the bottom of the lift. After a short while my companion followed and caught up with me, laughing and shaking his head.
Kids were all over, in the lift, on the slopes, and stretched on the snow, enjoying a respite from school, the day and their lunches. All of a sudden my dog took off, nose to the ground and stopped next to a couple of boys, where he eagerly gobbled down a couple of hotdogs and some other discards from an obviously too substantial lunchpack. I was barely able to get hold of him as there were lots of goodies lying around, all ripe for the picking. I put on his leach and went down to talk to the man in charge of the lift. It turned out that we had belonged to the same ski club, that he now was a fan of randonné or alpine touring and that we of course could ride the lift, for free! Using a T-bar lift with slender cross country skis is not the easiest of endeavors, and having a short legged dog in tow doesn’t exactly make it less difficult…

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