A little time goes a long way

The little guy up on the stage was speaking a beautiful, eloquent and almost totally unintelligeble English. 

My whole body was straining to grasp what he was saying, smiling and swaying a little as he was in the dim light.

The only thing I could make out, was him saying “is it not?” at the end of each sentence, which confused me a little at first, but made perfect sense once I realized he meant a retorical “right?”.

After a while my ears tuned in to his way of speaking, and I leaned back, relaxed my tensed muscles and listened.

The former world class technological scientist, now dedicated to “the inner sciences”, practicing and teaching holistic and energetic living, is not a man of big words, expansive gestures or elaborate explanations. His slides are easy-to-follow and uncomplicated, as is his line of reasoning and his approach to yoga and meditation. 

His message is clear and simple: We need to change our attitude, from overuse of ourselves and the world at large, to a more balanced, holistic and deeper way of living, providing for and considering both body, mind and spirit.

His focus is on creating inner peace through meditation. We need to deactivate our body to deactivate our mind. We must find a way to go into our “cave”, where nothing, neither external or internal “noise”  disturb us. And the main means of achieving some “cave time” or meditiative state, are 

– a stable and comfortable body posture
– deep breathing
– creating space and time for ourselves, by leaving our daily chores and worries behind, outside of the cave.

I have come across different forms of meditation and a various range of yoga pracitces, many of which make huge demands on our time, our body, our mind. Demands that not many of us feel we can meet.

The beauty and simplicity of his philosophy is that yoga, or meditation, should not be an effort. A little investment in time goes a long way, and is manyfold reimbursed you.

Just 10-15 minutes a day will  reduce your need for sleep by an hour a night, energize your system, increase efficiency and productivity, relieve stress and tension, improve mind control and in general yield better health and well being.

Meditation will hopefully also bring about a self awareness enabling us to see the necessity of change, in ourselves and in the world.

It this way of thinking is of interest to you, or you just want to learn more about the man, small in posture, but big in thought, you may go to

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