Go-Nuts Tart …with berries


Here is, on request, a gluten-, sugar-, dairy-free tart. Like most recipes on this page it is only a suggestion, leaving room for your own creativity and preferences. The only problem with this cake is that, even though it is supposed to last for several days in the fridge, it very rarely makes it through more than an hour. It is very rich, but you still keep nibbling till you swear on your live mother’s grave that you will not eat anything for the next 24 hours. And then, five minutes later, you find yourself half through another piece.
Just like in life, you can’t stop nibbling. And just like in life, you may stick to the same ingredients, the same procedures, playing it safe, killing yourself softly with boredom.  Choosing alternative ingredients, stirring things (up) in a different way, makes for new flavors and exciting experiences, adding to your repertoire and your Joix de vivre.

– 5 dl dried apricots/raisins/figs
– 5 dl walnuts/cashew/almonds/pecan
Mix in food processor until moist, spread on baking paper covered cake pan


– 3 dl dates (soak in water about 30 min)
– Juice from 1 lemon
Mix in food processor until creamy. Spread on top of base.

Decorate with 3-400 g Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries…

Baking  time: 0 minutes

If not in a hurry, keep cake in fridge for a couple of hours before decorating and eating. Otherwise: Dive right in! For the not faint at heart… or stomach, serve with whipped cream, ice cream, yoghurt, or soy alternatives.






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