Searching heart, kidneys and …stomach, I think I may be a tad above averagely interested in food, the pleasure of eating it, preparing it, experimenting with it and finding out what it does to my taste buds, me in general, my  family, friends, acquaintances, everybody else and the world as such.
The saying “You are what you eat” has never made much sense to me. I mean, I eat cod and salmon, and even like swimming a lot, but does that make me a fish? I don’t get it. If it went “You are how you eat”, it would be easier to follow; are you stuffing things down your throat like people stuff food down geese to make foie gras (shame on them), or are you glass eyed, oblivious of your surroundings, savoring every piece finding its way into your mouth, enjoying its rendezvous with each and every one of your taste buds?  Now that would reveal something about your disposition at least, your view of life and if throwing food after you is feeding a humanoid or the equivalent of satisfying an accepting and appreciative lover.
Studies have actually shown that how we eat and our attitude towards what we eat is of surprisingly great importance to how the food is “received” by our system. We should, the study says, glean knowledge from people living in e.g. the southern part of Europe (Asia, Africa, Arabia, South America…, actually from most other places than Western Europe), where both preparing and enjoying food is a social event taking up long stretches of time and talking about it is more about where it comes from, color, texture and tastes, than dry, nutritional facts.
But of course, what we eat does matter…

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