50/50 The Must See Movie

50/50 PosterIf I’d known which movie we were about to watch, I would have run screaming and kicking in the opposite direction of my friend’s house. Illness, hospitals and the likes are things I, if I have the choice, shun like the plague… I don’t know if it’s because I’m a coward or due to the fact that I’ve had a little too much experience in the field. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. 
And I have been to hospitals, blessing their existence, hundreds of times (no kidding, we have veery active kids, whose doings at times have necessitated frequenting the local hospital so often that we, as parents, were afraid of being imprisoned, suspected for I don’t know what), bringing or visiting family members, friends, collegues, students… But voluntarily sitting down to 100 minutes of malady, evolving around a guy getting his cancer diagnosis and his subsequent fight to deal with and conquer it, is something I simply DON’T DO.
Usually. But my good friend, whose house I was at, together with other people, had with usual care and skill (she has great taste in books and films) chosen this particular movie. So who was I, to refuse watching it. I braced myself and sat, or rather lay, down in one corner of their very comfortable sofa, in front of their very 50″ plasma TV, with its very B & W surround sound system. Between me and the screen was a beautifully laid table with crackers, a great selection of cheeses, fruits, tea, wine… Chances were I would survive the evening.
But I did not. I did not survive the evening…  Read 50/50 The Movie with link to trailer.
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