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Badass gone good, and a 1000 year old church in Chester

02 Apr
April 2, 2016

What is it about the small, quite insignificant looking building on the corner of Lower Bridge and St. Olave streets in Chester? Bearing, but not showing the name of the patron saint of Norway, St. Olav, who took on the kingship of Norway exactly 1000 years ago.

Nothing, it would seem, judging from its inconspicuous appearance, modestly situated just within the Chester city walls. Ramshackle scaffolding has long been skirting its foundations, and the terrace outside the main entrance is littered with beer cans as well as an interesting selection of substances most of us would prefer to stay well clear of.

As most people in the 11th century preferred to stay clear of Olav Haraldsson, as St. Olav was initially called: His youth was spent happily and unrestrainedly roaming and plundering east and west, scaring the wits and wealth out of people here and establishing alliances there.

St. Olave Church and Street

St. Olave Church and Street

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