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Shut Up & Play

29 Aug
August 29, 2012

Sweat is in the air… everywhere I look around, sweat is in the air… perspiration stains abound!

 Tension is building, intensifying and expanding towards and beyond the nonexistent ceiling and walls of the outdoor basketball court in downtown Trondheim this beautiful late summer’s day.


The older, heavier and nearbodybuildemuscular players are not only sweating, but also showing bloody and rainbowcolored  signs of close encounters of the 1. degree: Burns acquired when hitting the steaming asphalt, rifts obtained by slamming into the metal mesh fence, bruises gained in powerful rendezvous of heads when two persons jump as high as they can, sometimes even higher… One in an effort to dunk the ball into the impatiently awaiting hoop, the other determined to prevent the first from doing just that.

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Cefalu, C’est la Vie

23 Aug
August 23, 2012

Cefalu is well worth a visit. We did not, by any means, give it the credit it deserves as we were only staying for a few days and had some very basic needs to satisfy before starting to explore the town and the area: The need for soaking up as much sunshine as possible without getting our eyebrows singed. For two days, happily exposing ourselves to UV I, II and what felt like a fair amount of x-rays, we lolled like immobile skin-shedding sea elephants on the sunbeds in the beautiful Kalura Bay. Like the afore mentioned sea elephants, lifting a “fin” only to scratch our thighs, and unlike them to splash sun lotion on each other’s backs or lift our water bottles, not really caring that half of its content missed the target and trickled down our bodies.

Once in a hot while we would roll off our beds and plunge into the sea, basking in the underwater world of colorful fish, shells and plants, before again retreating to our incubators.

When we after a couple of days eventually mustered the will and strength to lift our heads and look up, we discovered dazzling sights of mountains, rolling hills, and for someone living on the (ice)edge, a mind-boggling diversity of colorful trees, bushes and flowers. Rocks and cliffs were valiantly protruding into the sea, one of the closest ones occupied by remnants of a Byzantine fortress.

And from there it was all gloriously uphill…

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Peak Performance

13 Aug
August 13, 2012

…or Caught Between A Rock And A Hot Place

I don’t know what’s with us Norwegians: Just because there is a pole, we feel we have to find it, just because there is a glacier we think we have to cross it, and just because there is a mountain we bl…. well believe we have to climb that too. The extreme explorer blood running in my veins is pretty diluted, but I have to admit that even I sometimes get the urge…

The small mountain just behind the beautiful and peaceful Agriturismo La Perciata did not seem to be much of a challenge. Actually not amounting to much more than a rocky hill, it seemed high enough, though, to promise enthralling vistas over Cassibile and the coast of Syracuse on the Eastern side of Sicily.

The proprietor looked a little taken aback when I asked him how to get to the top, which I am not sure was due to the nature of my inquiry or if he actually did not have a clue to what I’d just asked him. He quickly got on top of the situation, though, and embarked on a long explanation in Italian, accompanied by a lot of, at least to him, meaningful gesticulation.

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