Month: June 2012

An All Time High

Sometimes         The snow is deeper The climb steeper Than you ever foresaw And making it To the peak Or anywhere near Is no matter of course And then Out of the blue… To read and see more…An All Time High

Of a Sound Mind

So, now it’s official: She is off her hinges, irrevocably deranged, mentally unsound. Bu that’s where you are so wrong. Crazy, yes, can’t run away from that one, but unsound, no. I am so full of sound, saturated with it so to speak, that I wouldn’t have believed it possible if I hadn’t actually been

Ups and Downs = Rock and Roll

Let’s get our act together Break free from every tether Be our own chief          Life is so brief Let’s take a bow For here and now And make the most Of every toast Ignore some rules Behave like fools Smile like a loon Under the moon Dare take a chance Create our “dance” Climb up

Go-Nuts Tart …with berries

  Here is, on request, a gluten-, sugar-, dairy-free tart. Like most recipes on this page it is only a suggestion, leaving room for your own creativity and preferences. The only problem with this cake is that, even though it is supposed to last for several days in the fridge, it very rarely makes it