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An All Time High

26 Jun
June 26, 2012

The snow is deeper
The climb steeper
Than you ever foresaw
And making it
To the peak
Or anywhere near
Is no matter of course
And then
Out of the blue…

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Of a Sound Mind

17 Jun
June 17, 2012
So, now it’s official: She is off her hinges, irrevocably deranged, mentally unsound. Bu that’s where you are so wrong. Crazy, yes, can’t run away from that one, but unsound, no. I am so full of sound, saturated with it so to speak, that I wouldn’t have believed it possible if I hadn’t actually been there…

…lying on a monochord, for about twenty minutes actually being an integrated part of an instrument with fifty strings attached lengthwise beneath a wooden resonance chamber. On the floor are metal bowls of different sizes, along with a couple of padded mallets. I close my eyes, and softly, ever so softly the Sound Therapist or, as he prefers to describe himself, the Listener, squatting on the floor, start plucking the strings, occasionally gently striking a singing bowl. The sensation is vaguely strange, unfamiliar, but pleasant.

The sounds come and go in waves, swelling, decreasing; one minute subtle, creating the most miniscule sensations within me, the next forceful, heavy tones reverberate through my body and the rest of the room.

The vibrations swirl through me, my cells now resonating with the instrument. I find myself relaxing, my mind drifting. It feels as if the composition of atoms that is me, disintegrates; every particle lifting off, like a flock of butterflies off a bush. They linger for a while, float in synchronized unison about the room, and then, as on a cue, sweep out through the open window…

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Ups and Downs = Rock and Roll

08 Jun
June 8, 2012

if there are no ups and downs in your lifeLet’s get our act together

Break free from every tether
Be our own chief         
Life is so brief
Let’s take a bow
For here and now
And make the most
Of every toast

Ignore some rules
Behave like fools
Smile like a loon
Under the moon
Dare take a chance
Create our “dance”
Climb up a tree
feel we are free…

Go-Nuts Tart …with berries

07 Jun
June 7, 2012


Here is, on request, a gluten-, sugar-, dairy-free tart. Like most recipes on this page it is only a suggestion, leaving room for your own creativity and preferences. The only problem with this cake is that, even though it is supposed to last for several days in the fridge, it very rarely makes it through more than an hour. It is very rich, but you still keep nibbling till you swear on your live mother’s grave that you will not eat anything for the next 24 hours. And then, five minutes later, you find yourself half through another piece.
Just like in life, you can’t stop nibbling. And just like in life, you may stick to the same ingredients, the same procedures, playing it safe, killing yourself softly with boredom.  Choosing alternative ingredients, stirring things (up) in a different way, makes for new flavors and exciting experiences, adding to your repertoire and your Joix de vivre.