Month: May 2012

Mainau, You fill up my senses

Mainau, the Island of Flowers, is like the most precious pearl in the beautiful necklace of towns, villages and pleasant havens surrounding the body of the ever charming Lake Constance. In a Germany I up till a few years ago associated with nothing but the industrial Ruhrgebiet, and excellent freeways with famed German efficiency carrying

Evening in Konstanz

As soon as I got off the train, it hit me. The sensation of being on a more southernly latitude. Even though I had left a warm, sunny, spring-rushing-into-summerTrondheim, this was a different thing alltogether. It was already evening, but it was still warm, and the town was teaming with people. Konstanz’  main communication artery, a

Goals and Birds of a Feather

Goal is a word having an almost unlimited range when it comes to scope, and an equally limitless diversity when contents are concerned: For a depressed person a goal may be getting out of bed in the morning, forcing down a piece of bread and setting one foot in front of the other in order

Still My World

At times I wish you could wrap me in your arms hold me  close not letting go Willing my world to stop spinning Time to stop passing… Read Still My World

Have your marzipan and eat it too

The Norwegian national day, the 17th of May, is soon coming up. The day is much loved, partly because it’s an excuse for Norwegians to gorge themselves with a year’s worth of goodies. The constitution, which is what we’re actually celebrating, says (I’m pretty sure) that on this particular day it’s every kid’s birthright to


FoodStuff (March 18th) now has a working link. Click on “Mars” to the right, or read FoodStuff Sugarfree Marzipan soon coming to a blog near you…

50/50 The Must See Movie

If I’d known which movie we were about to watch, I would have run screaming and kicking in the opposite direction of my friend’s house. Illness, hospitals and the likes are things I, if I have the choice, shun like the plague… I don’t know if it’s because I’m a coward or due to the fact that

Spring Fever

Spring in our little corner of the world arrives in most the same manner each year. It usually takes place around midday on a weekend: The previous evening I go to bed, snuggling under my duvet, relishing in its soft, warm comfort, having struggled through a blizzard, feeling colder than even some of the deep