Month: April 2012

The Inner Game of Taekwon-do

The «language» of Taekwon-do is foreign to me, in any connotation of the word. I don’t know the first thing about Korean, even though I over the years through two of my offsprings have been exposed to a fair share of yop cha jirugis, ap cha oligis, ap cha busigis and not to forget a

Surfin’ USA

I was just going along for the ride. Never been surfing in my life, had no intention of starting now. The sun was shining, the skies blue, smiling people in wetsuits were coming and going, their board on top of their car, sticking out of their trunk, tucked under their arm, or in some cases

Is that all there is

I ask myself in the face of ignorance my own and others in the face of indifference passivity negativity hurt violence friends struggling with lifeeach other unlived lives unloved loves wasted opportunities   And then… Read…Is that all there is Dissilutionment Thomas Mann Nature Boy, Nat King Cole The Blind Side (film, feel good, fun,

Head wiggling

I am reading yet another book set in India. Even though it’s now “A major motion picture”, it is, in my opinion, not a particularly good book, content- , structure- or language wise. The story is quite superficial, the characters are difficult to identify with and the research not impressive.  Still, there is something about

Peace, Pelicans and Papercup Ponderings

The day was stretched out before me, and when I cast a glance at my bed stand clock, seeing it was 5 o’clock, I realized it would be a long one. Outside it was pitch dark. Just the lights on the other side of Mission Bay bore sign that there was life out there, although