Month: March 2012

Go Amish

One of the reasons I enjoy travelling, is getting away from all the clutter. Even though I am a minimalist at heart, in an active family of five, things tend to accumulate over the years. The fact that I have a “one thing in, one or more things out” policy, doesn’t seem to have any

UpsideDown /To my Friends

What is up, and what is down Who’s the “smartie”, who’s the clown Who is wrong, and what is right What’s my song, and who’s my light I’m confused, my brain abused The world so packed, my mind feels whacked Time flies so fast,the days ahead are soon the past; right by us sped. We need to hold on to what’s good We must

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou” Omar Khayyam, 11th century Power Bread or..The power of bread A hefty bread, with a full taste and providing long lasting energy. Packed with great nutrients; proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and slow/beneficial carbs. Enjoy! For recipe see   Power BreadSee also FoodStuff


Searching heart, kidneys and …stomach, I think I may be a tad above averagely interested in food, the pleasure of eating it, preparing it, experimenting with it and finding out what it does to my taste buds, me in general, my  family, friends, acquaintances, everybody else and the world as such. The saying “You are

Trying Cabinet

Coming home from vacation is always nice. I love again having round the clock access to my own refrigerator, filled with what I personally have picked out and purchased. Although opening it immediately upon arriving home occasionally has some interesting aspects to it as you discover that your fridge in your absence has breeded some

Impulsive Skiing

Having just settled down to work I heard an sms tick in. A good friend of mine, and tour pal, suggested skiing, and I did not put up much resistance. It was a beautiful day with clear, blue skies and a kindly sun, in spite of all the snow, definitely inclined towards springtime. The dog

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros (The boiling pots) and El Golfo are in many ways opposites. Just a couple of kilometers separate them, they are both the result of havoc created by volcanic activity, and yet the two are in stark contrast to each other. Where the latter is a symphony in colors and hues, Los Hervideros is,