Month: January 2012

No ordinary lunch

My elderly friends, Margeret and Pascal had been staying overnight at their son’s house nearby. All three of them were going to pick me up at the hotel around 10, to take me to their lovely home, a 45 minute drive north, for lunch.  When the car turns up, Margeret is not with them. It


Waking up early, going out into the garden at the back of the house, finding Pascal (85) standing there in his long sarong, taking in the singing of the birds and enjoying the yet not scorching sun, were the favorite moments of my Colombo stay. The garden is small, but doesn’t seem that way, because

Catamaran Adveture

When I first set foot on the beach, the day of my arrival, I was approached by a friendly, but very persistent guy, trying to persuade me to go out on what to me looked like a rickety vessel, a Sri Lankan catamaran. A little apprehensive, I warded him off with a smile and a

Under the beautiful Skin of Sri Lanka

Outside Hindu Tempel Pretending  to know the first thing about Sri Lanka and it’s people after having spent just a few days in the country would be presumptuous, to say the least. Having been the object of my friends’ abounding hospitality for a couple of days, living, eating, talking, walking, exploring with them, has given

Shit happens

I woke up, rested, having slept like a baby for 8 straight hours. I pinched my arm, didn’t really know if I was still dreaming, so I walked over to the glass door and looked out. They were still there: The view over the gardens, the beach and the ocean. The wind was a little

Sri Lanka Arrival

…..The lady scrutinizing my passport was dressed in the same beautiful kind of sari the rest of the all smiling female airport personnel were wearing, but in stark contrast to the others, she was stone faced. There was not a hint of a smile, she was looking so sourly at my papers that for a


A well-known TV series set in a hospital environment has for long been cherished by the two girls of the house. My own first encounter with the program happened accidentally one evening a couple of years ago when I dropped down in the sofa next to the girls (both then well into their teens) to

The Devil is in the Details

The little technicalities,  the tiny trivialities the unimportant bagatelle may joy and inspiration quell Unfriendly words  persistent nerds can make you frown may weigh you down A broken dish will make you mad a dead, old fish oh, my, so sad! No peace of mind is there to find; that you are bad  is not