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The Tree of Life

25 Sep
September 25, 2011
When I first saw mentions of The Tree of Life, I got a strong feeling that I had to see it. Something about the few little snippets I came across appealed to me and urged me to see the movie. Before I had the chance, though, I had only spoken to two people who had actually seen the movie.
One hated it, and told me that some people had even left the movie theatre during screening. (The film, featuring Brad Pit and Sean Penn and as of yet less known actor Jessica Chastain, may have prompted an expectation of a typical American feel good film). Another loved it, and promised me, if I liked it, several recommendations of movies by the same director.
The movie, directed by Terrence Malick, was several years in the coming, which is not difficult to understand, watching and experiencing the movie.
The concept of non-linear narrative is unusual, but never confusing; the voice/monologue of the main character gracefully binds it all together. Neither was the scarce dialogue disturbing, due to Malick’s skilful directing and the actors’ performances.
The amazing filming, the depicting of the actual awesomeness of the world around us, is beautifully done, leaving you in doubt of where natural phenomena end and animation begins.
The result is a beautiful, poetic piece of art, telling a story of life, death, love, faith, loss, grief, innocence and loss of same, conflict goodness-selfishness, hope, perseverance, reconciliation and much more.
All set against a backdrop of the birth and death of the universe(s), and everything in between, besides, above and after.
Even though this is not a feel-good-film per se, it left me, somewhat surprisingly, with a strange peace of mind.
To see how it will leave you, you’ll have to go see for yourself…
I for one, in addition to already having browsed the net for more movies by the same director, will go back to my positively inclined source for more recommendations:-)


14 Sep
September 14, 2011
Do you count yourself among those people who very rarely get upset, who are not easily moved or rocked? Well stop reading, and go play with the other robots!
Even though, as mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully “grown up” (I don’t drink coffee, I don’t have all, if any, answers to the big questions in life, I am easily moved, touched, rocked etc. etc.), I am old enough to take responsibility for my own feelings. No matter what other people have said or done, I should be master of my own emotions. But this is not always easy!
Today I am upset, a little angry, but mostly upset.
When I find myself in that situation I make use of a combination of several strategies. Brooding is fortunately not an inherent quality of mine, nor is passivity. Action is.
My first course of action is trying to shift focus, from me, myself, I, to the world outside me, and in the process touch bases with what makes me “tick”.
So I started the day bytexting some people, just to tell them that I care. Just doing that made me feel better; I had found a small piece of purpose to hold on to. Positive response (from those who were not too shocked:-) did of course not diminish the effect:-) Then I sent a few mails and made a call I’d be meaning to make for a long time.
But peace of mind was not restored that easily, so I endeavoured on the next measure on my list, tidying up. The house is never as clean and orderly as after an anger, upset- or frustration spell of mine. The kids’ and spouse’s belongings cluttering the common living areas are promptly collected and literally thrown into the rooms in which they belong, and the doors are not locked, but slammed shut. Nice! Laundry is quickly disposed of, so is garbage and other objects which happen to be in my way, and that should have been “dealt” with by other occupants of the house ages ago. The Salvation Army usually benefits greatly from these occasions. If later prompted as to these things’ whereabouts, I usually feign ignorance (silently giving my self absolution, claiming Non compos mentis, Of unsound mind at the time of the crime..).
Next I became more physical. That always makes me feel better, both about myself and other people. On the agenda was swimming. In the pool with me was only one other person, a what seemed to be a pretty proficient swimmer, and that was perfect; my competition instinct clicked in, and I set off to overtake him. The other guy never knew what hit him, how could he know what all the fuss was about:-), but it got my adrenalin racing, in turn giving me a nice dose of much needed endorphins.
A nice, warm shower added to the balancing effect, and I went about more practical business, preparing for a two days’ biking trip with a friend the coming weekend. When upset and a little angry, I can manage anything, even technicalities that usually leave me baffled. And if I need help, I seek it, and things get fixed! So there!
And speaking about friends: When the going gets, if not tough seen in a bigger perspective, but at least frustrating, good friends come in handy. You don’t necessarily need to tell them about your upset, just being with them makes you feel better.  Fortunately, conveniently prescheduled, I have a dinner appointment with several good friends this evening, so that should be good.
But peace is not yet restored, so right now I am down to one of my last strategies, writing, a process that enables me to vent my feelings and helps me put everything into perspective.
My upset barometer is still indicating High Pressure, but, I think, pointing towards calmer weather. Low pressure, or as it is also called in meteorology, “depression”, is not what I am looking for, in either of the word’s connotations:-), because that’s not who I am, but some reduction in voltage would not be a bad thing.
What do you do, to cope with your upsets? I am wide open to suggestions:-) Have a good day, maybe not without upsets, but with strategies to deal with them…


11 Sep
September 11, 2011
Conversations, heart to heart, can make wonders
Shared thoughts; an insight sought and found
You don’t have to act upon your dreams, thoughts and desires
But you must reflect upon your musings
If you stop thinking, talking,
You’ll start sinking, balking
Till existing  becomes an excuse
 For living! 

Election Time

03 Sep
September 3, 2011
Are you an abstainer? Er du en sofavelger?
Get off the coach!
Sorry, English speaking friends. The video below may be difficult to understand for non-Scandinavians…, but the message is this:
Whenever there is an election, in your country, your state, your municipality: VOTE! Or forever hold your tongue…
Be sure to watch the video to the very end. The name of the political party that made it, is not important, the message is.
The video was “brought to us” by a quality “server”/”sharer” of good “stuff” in Denmark.
Godt valg!